Another adventurous semester has begun

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Back from the internship, uni already grabs most of my attention. The first two weeks have been mostly about producing story ideas and shorthand. Tomorrow I will leave for a field trip to Gisborne, where I will work for the local newspaper, the Gisborne Herald, together with 5 other students from our journalism course.

This semester our journalistic work is more focused on feature writing and specialisation. Besides our main writing course, we have a public affairs reporting workshop and two electives. As my first choice, I could have chosen magazine or investigative journalism. But I guess I can also learn something about that in Germany. Since I am already at this end of the world, I chose asian-pacific journalism.

Even though lecturers and staff have warned me that this is probably the course with the greatest workload, I think it is the most for me to make out of this year. I will learn about all the conflicts in the pacific region, learn politics, economics and geography. Did you know there are more than 20,000 islands in all of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia? My first 1200 word feature is due in two weeks time. In the mid-semester break I will probably attend the Pacific Islands Forum as a journalist for the Pacific Media Centre, where 15 of the 16 of leaders of Pacific Islands will have a summit (Fiji is currently expelled).

The second elective was a choice of media. Since I already designed our new Te Waha Nui homepage, I chose the online stream rather than newspaper, radio or video. By the way, we will probably launch the new site just before the release of the first newspaper. So watch this space on August 18. You might even be able to have a sneak preview of some of the newspaper content.

The next semester highlight is our Field trip to Gisborne. I will be leaving tomorrow for this trip to the East coast. Gisborne claims to be the first city in the world to greet the sun every day. It is certainly one of the easternmost places in the world. I will be working with a couple of other students at the local newspaper, the Gisborne Herald. I will also take my camera and might try to take the chance to do some more video work.

You can follow my trip to Gisborne here once we leave on Sunday around lunchtime New Zealand Time.

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