Gisborne Day 1

erstellt am: 01.08.2011 | von: Alexander Winkler | Kategorie(n): Blog, English

It is my third time out of Auckland – before, I had only been to the Bay of Islands and Wellington. I took the plane to the latter but this time we are taking on a road trip to Gisborne where I and five other students are working for the Gisborne Herald.

The drive takes us about 450 km southeast of Auckland through Paeroa, Waihi, Tauranga and just around Whakatane. After that, Highway 2 leads about 150km through mostly uninhabited nature with a gorge that is about 70 km long. After leaving Auckland around lunchtime and a quick stop in Tauranga, we pass the gorge at night time.

With down to -3°C last night, we had a fresh start into the day, but the frozen car windows had melted by the sun’s warmth when we left.

The Gisborne Herald is an afternoon paper, and we had the first story in print before lunch.

The first day was mostly about getting stories started and a lot of phone calls had to be made. Nonetheless, I also went out with a photographer to take the picture of a dog being vaccinated. With a little luck, that story will be in the paper tomorrow.

PS: We are at a lovely motel in Gisborne, but the internet connection is really bad so that I cannot post any pictures or a German translation for now. But both will follow as soon as possible!

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