Windy as Wellington

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It’s the furthest I got out of Auckland so far and the closest to the South Island since I’ve come to New Zealand: Wellington. Even though I am spending my time mostly interning at Radio New Zealand, I’m fitting in as much sightseeing as possible.

Wellington at night. // Wellington bei Nacht.A little general information about Wellington: Even though it is only about a third of the population of Auckland, it is New Zealand’s capital. It is located at the very South end of the North Island with a ferry service across the Cook Strait to Picton on in the South Island. According to Wikipedia, Wellington is the second youngest city in New Zealand.

Arriving on a Saturday afternoon, I spent most of the first weekend doing sightseeing. I was most impressed when I strolled along the Waterfront on Sunday morning to see how active this city is. There were lots of parents out with their children playing on one of the many playgrounds. Cyclists, skaters, inline skaters, joggers – all breathing the fresh air and moving and taking advantage of the veggie market. In Auckland’s CBD, I haven’t seen of of this happening. It might happen in the suburbs, but I don’t live there.

Colourful veggie market. // Farbenfroher Gemüsemarkt.On the following Saturday morning, I walked up to the top of Mount Victoria and enjoyed the view over the city. The North and South Islands are only 24km apart at their closest point, so I believe it should be possible to see the South Island. I didn’t see it, but it might have also been that I looked in the wrong direction. I did though feel the wind that Wellington is known for, that blows through the cook strait. Windy as!

Besides that, I obviously strolled through the city, went to Parliament and Te Papa (the National Museum), took a tour on the cable car and had Victoria – who was doing the internship at Radio New Zealand with me – take me to a different coffee place every morning. So if you want to know where to get the best coffee in Wellington, just ask me.

My flight back to Auckland leaves tonight and uni resumes on Monday. My schedule and all announcements by my professors let me assume the next semester will be even busier than the last one. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to it. I will blog about my experiences at Radio New Zealand in a few days.

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